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We moved into a brand new house after my husband retired. The house is beautiful and spacious, but it is still builder’s grade.  So we started to improve the house one space at a time.
Our family room is great with a 20-feet ceiling. We have many windows on one side to let the light in. We needed something on the focal wall, where we put the TV. So I designed a home entertainment center and my husband built it. The result; we have a beautiful 8-foot wide and 7-foot high entertainment center to hold our 55-inch TV, home sound entertainment system, and many spaces for decorative things. My blue china is finally out of the cupboard and shows off in the entertainment center.
We did it. So can you. Believe me. My husband was sitting in a government chair for more than 35 years. His hands were softer than mine. I am self-taught designer. We must say we got big help from Lowes for cutting the boards that we bought from their lumber department.
The entertainment center has a base that we divided into 6 compartments, which holds DirectTV box and Sony Home Sound system and decorative nick-nacks.
The upper part is thinner than the base by 4 inches and consists of 3 bookcases connected together. The 2 side bookcases have 4 compartments and hold our blue china. The wide center bookcase has a large bottom part for our Sony big screen TV and a top part for again holding our blue china.
The factor that makes our entertainment center beautiful is all the trim we bought. We trimmed all the edges and attached dental crown mouldings on top. We used two tones: fluted white trim for vertical lines and red maple trim for horizontal lines.
You can see the below pictures. If you like to have exact measurements please let me know.
Thank you for looking.
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